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"Why Estate Planning is For Everyone" - Cleo Yoga Finance Podcast:

Listen to our CEO, Mariah Street, Esq. discuss: myths about estate planning, who should get estate planning done, and more.

The CPA Lady Podcast:

We always think of generational wealth being financial, but Mariah Street. Esq. discusses the intangible wealth when working on an estate plan. She wants people to know about their reasons for building and passing down wealth. Charitable giving and planning is also discussed.

"Financial Expansion: Creating Legacy, Influence and Impact" - Wealth and Wisdom Together Podcast:

Listen to our CEO, Mariah Street, Esq. discuss: what estate planning is, what documents are involved, whether you need estate planning if you think you don't have a lot of assets, whether estate planning will keep your family out of probate court after you pass away, "can I afford estate planning?", whether you're protected if you just have a will, how to start the estate planning conversation with your family, and a caution surrounding DIY estate planning solutions.

"How To Plan Your Future As A Speaker" - The Legacy Speaker Show:

Are you a speaker and are on a legacy and wealth-building journey? Are you committed to making a big impact and making sure your words transform lives for years to come? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that happens? Then listen to our CEO, Mariah Street Esq.'s guest episode "How to Plan Your Future As A Speaker" - on The Legacy Speaker Show with Jasmin Haley. Topics discussed include: 

  • Why you should protect your assets and IP as a speaker

  • Why you should build generational wealth and plan for its protection

  • Myths & fears that hold you back from legacy planning

  • How you can shift your mindset to be legacy protective as a speaker

  • How to take the first steps toward assessing your assets and planning your legacy

"How To Build Wealth And Legacy" - Flow and Flourish Podcast:

Only listen to this guest episode titled "How to Build Wealth and Legacy" featuring our CEO, Mariah Street. Esq. if you are serious about legacy building. After you listen to this episode, you'll be able to understand why legacy building is essential and the mindset that is required to build a legacy.

The Mosaic Life with Laura W.:

On this show, our CEO, Mariah Street Esq. talks with Laura Wagenknecht about her own journey to becoming a lawyer and what exactly Legacy Street Law does and we serve. She also discusses the importance of having the appropriate legal tools established in your business, such as contracts and legal documents, and some practical legal information that you may be wondering about as a business owner.

"The Leadership of Legacy" - Move To Millions Podcast:

Securing your legacy is about leadership. When you are both a good leader and a good steward, you understand the significance of being intentional about making decisions that will positively impact those tied to you. 

It is super important for all of us to establish legacy for every area of our lives, especially if you have a business! 

Grab your pen and paper and listen to our CEO, Mariah Street, Esq. and podcast host, Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon disucss:
✔️ Why being legacy minded is required if you want a million-dollar company
✔️ How to create your Entrepreneurs Legacy Kit
✔️ The top three mindset shifts you’ll have to make to become legacy-minded
✔️ And so much more...


What Happens to Your Bank Account When You Die:

If you’re curious about what happens to your bank account when you die and what your estate planning options are for these types of accounts, then read this article written by our CEO and Managing Attorney, Mariah Street, Esq. to learn more. 

Building Your Legacy: Lessons On Business Planning from Attorney Mariah Street:

If you are a the leader/owner of a business or non-profit, then read our CEO, Mariah Street Esq.'s guest article and interview with ResilNC. She provides insights into the importance of business planning for entrepreneurs. Topics discussed includes: At what stage an entrepreneur or business owner should consider consulting with an attorney, legal practices that business owners should avoid, how good business planning can help you access the right capital to grow your company, what being a trusted advisor really means, Mariah's own entrepreneurial journey and her best advice to aspiring and current business owners.

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