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Legacies secured

We helped serve a young, married couple in their mid-40s with 3 adult children, living in NC - blended family. They own a real estate business together, and they came to us because they wanted that business to be able to provide for their children and children’s children. They also did not want their hard-earned wealth to go to their children's spouses or future spouses, and wanted to ensure that only their children received their inheritance.

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We put in place a plan where the income from their business will fund their children’s life and future ventures. That means they’ll get to live life on their own terms, start a business, buy a home, anything they want in the future. And we explicitly made sure that assets are only directed to their children.


Establish generational wealth and protect children's inheritance


We helped serve a young, married couple in their mid-30s with 1 young daughter, living in NC. They jointly own a real estate business that they are persistently trying to grow. (It’s in its beginning stages)

Happy Family

We put in place a plan where the income from their business and other assets they own will support their child (and future children’s) lives and future passions. They wanted their children to be able to follow their dreams without financial obstacles and barriers and make sure their children are protected from being put in the hands of people they don't want.


Leave behind a legacy and make sure their goals are carried out, not the governments’.


We served a young, black married couple in their early 30s, living in NC. They have a 1 year-old daughter.

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We created a plan for them that made sure their future business and family were protected from future creditors, bankruptcy, and major life changes that could easily deplete the wealth they are working so hard to build for their child. We also made sure to have a plan in place for their child and future children so that potential future guardians understand how they wanted their children to be raised.


Air-tight protection for their family and future businesses


We served a young, married couple in their 30s, living in NC. They have a 1 year-old son. The husband owns 2 businesses and the wife works full-time.

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We put in place a plan for them where, if and when something happens to them, their son will receive support and distributions from their trust, so that their son is taken care of financially and as a whole.


Make sure all assets, including businesses, benefit and go to their son. Make sure their son is “good.”



Bree C.

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“Mariah made me feel extremely confident regarding my event planning contract.  She thoroughly reviewed my existing contract, identified missing clauses and areas that needed further clarification.  Beyond that, she recommended a better way to organize & format the agreement to include headers, areas to initial and a clear fee schedule. As a result I am able to secure two high profile clients and get referrals for more to come.”

The B Family

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In working with LSL, we were able to Establish and fund a living trust. I encourage others to take the state in protecting their assets and build toward generational wealth. To anyone on the fence of working with LSL - This planning is ensuring generational wealth for your community. As a person of color that is more important than anything. Our children deserve our faithful stewardship. Even if we believe we have not amassed a high amount of resources, I remind you of these words, "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.”

The M Family

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Prior to working with Legacy Street Law, our legal life was non-existent beyond a few beneficiary designations. Financially, we had some products in place but they were in need of organizing. I believed that legacy planning was complicated. If something were to happen to us, I feel relieved knowing that our wishes are written down and our daughter will be taken care of. For our family, it means that we're one step closer to creating generational wealth. We may not have much now but having an estate plan in place inspires me to keep going.


If you want to make sure you’re actually leaving wealth, provision, values, and a legacy to the people and causes you care most about, then schedule a consultation at the link below, pick a date and time that works best for you, and we'll be in touch soon!

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