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Business Card Design



Helping you carve out your own space in the market and leverage your unique brand to earn more and serve more!


Mid-large companies and non-profit organizations (or small businesses that have earned a minimum of $500,000 per year)*

Companies and non-profits who do not have consistent revenue coming in and/or who aren’t attracting their ideal clients, audience, or opportunities

Companies and non-profits who need a complete brand re-fresh (and don't want to have to do this again!)

Companies and non-profits who are tired of having failed launches 

Companies and non-profits looking to launch a new, distinct brand campaign that works, attracts the right audience, and leverages opportunities



Companies or non-profits that are in the start-up phase OR have not yet earned $500,000 in annual revenue


Companies or non-profits not interested in BOTH branding and IP strategy (please do not ask about just doing one or the other)

Companies or non-profits that are just interested in a trademark, logo design, etc. - a single service

Those wanting to use this package for a side-project like a Podcast or book


Our Branded IP™ Corporate Package is specifically designed to help established companies, corporations, and non-profits develop strategic brand identity and IP portfolio that will help you carve out your own space in the market and leverage your unique brand to earn more and serve more!


Our proprietary framework is unique and successful in addressing the issues that are currently costing companies money. Studies have consistently shown that branding increases a company's visibility, establishes trust with its clients/customers, and creates a community of raving fans who are consistently ready to do business with you, collaborate with you, and share in your mission. And without the proper legal protections and strategies, you could be involved in expensive lawsuits that cause your company to go bankrupt, not understand your rights and options during important business deals, or even miss out on ways to make more money. Believe it or not - branding and IP go hand-in-hand. By being proactive and having strategies to build your brand, your company will grow, be protected, create new opportunities to serve, earn more revenue, and establish a lasting legacy.

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